Day 7 - The North of Iceland

Leaving the East Fjords, we follow the Ring Road to  Egilsstaðir and because we can, buy new,  indigenous clothing.

Properly clothed and (finally) seeing the blue sky on a semi-regular basis, we continue on Highway 94 for 71 km to the village of Borgarfjörður-Eystri. It is also known, for brevitys sake, as  Bakkagerði. It will forever be know to us as Lunditown. Lundi is Icelandic for Puffin and because Lundi contains no  "ð" we think we can pronounce it.  

  • Highway 94. The unpaved roads in Iceland are well maintained. Potholes are few and washboard is scarce. But this is a mountain pass and there will be hair pin turns.
  • The Road into Bakkagerði is closed to cars in winter. Should your snowmobile break down the state has provided this shelter. Yes, it is tied down using steel cables.
  • First view of the new indigenous clothing as Bud sets up.
  • View of the Heraðsflói's Coastal Wetland, Summit of Geldingafjall near Bakkagerði, Iceland.
  • From Google Earth. Arriving in Bakkagerði we have traveled North to about 65 degrees latitude.