Day 9 continues - Húsavík - Fresh Salmon and a roof over our heads.

  • Guesthouse Arbol sits just on the edge of downtown Húsavík. The Bakery is an easy walk from here.
  • We had our 26th wedding anniversary dinner near the 66 degrees North store. Andrea had Salmon and Chilean wine at $8.50 US for a glass. Bud had pizza and Pepsi.

Day 10 - Watching whales and fixing flats.

  • Húsavík from a whale watching boat as it leaves Bud behind to see that the flat tire gets tended to.
  • Andrea gets a new Icelandic wool hat in Húsavík, then goes whale watching while making quite a fashion statement.
  • Several Humpback Whales make the trip a success.
  • A Humpback Whale gives a "flipper up" to Andrea's new head gear.
  • With the flat fixed, Andrea returns.
  • Wooden boats and iron stomachs. Not content to simply watch Humpbacks, Andrea has taken over the boat.